ANFIS is a manufacturing and property investment corporation established in 2006. That seeks to take full advantage of the NAFTA agreement by developing business between Canada and Mexico fully utilizing all the geographical advantages and cultural synergies.

As a growing organization, ANFIS is looking to expand its operations through strategic alliances between the REYES-DORADOR brothers within several ventures. This alliance will seek to develop a fiberglass manufacturing division, a private investment division and an import-export division of Anfis.

The sole-shareholder: Fernando Reyes-Dorador, has over 17 years of finance and management consulting experience in Canada and Mexico giving him versatility in an array of industries, extrusion manufacturing, International business development and mining being his strongest industries. He is skilled as a business development consultant and has robust portfolio to show for it.

The first of its kind, ANFIS will synergize the expertise and talent of the REYES-DORADOR network into one company. With an establishment in real estate and a progression into income properties, ANFIS will incorporate home remodelling and fiberglass construction products with current ventures. This synergy will introduce and expand existing Manway fiberglass lead products within the North American market. In addition, unique proprietor patented architectural designs will assist in the penetration of the new home building business. The private investment division will offer a better cheaper option for private modest investors to secure a return for their money fully guaranteed by real estate and good management. Thus, ensuring several ventures, with already proven success, will be under the same management-Fernando Reyes-Dorador.